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Meditation is what kept and keeps me from losing my shit.

If you experience triggering events that can be difficult to endure, or have post-traumatic stress disorder, then mindfulness meditations can help to pull you out of the frightening triggers and into a mindset that is much easier to handle.

People who have suffered from trauma find this method particularly helpful.

I have personally used this method along with frequencies to navigate through traumatic experiences.

Hell, I still use this method. There are layers to trauma and it has many different faces. Trauma impacts people in different ways.

Those thoughts can steal every moment of peace and consume your days.

I went through almost a year of it at the end of 2020 and a large portion of 2021.

Most that know me had no clue that I was…..”

Except from my book ~ Peace Be…

2.22.22 💙 Peace Be…

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