Formulated and Created by Kumani Hair and Body Founder, Veola Parker,


Kumani Lavender and Coconut Hair and Body Mist resolves the challenges of a thirsty scalp, dry hair, rusty elbows, insomnia and more! It is lightweight and absorbs willingly into your skin. The lavender scent is calming and it is made with certified organic ingredients and customers rave about it!  

Kumani Hair and Body Mist®

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  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Lavender, Vitamin E Oil,  and Eucalyptus Oil. 



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"Love visiting Ms Veola and getting my tresses loved on very gingerly. Ms Veola loves what she does and creates some of the BEST and cutest styles. She loves you from the inside out. One of the best features about Ms Veola and is that she DOES NOT play musical chairs with her clients. Each client is afforded their own time and she lets no others interfere with her one on one time with her client. That's special, very special. She knows how to time herself and make sure that she's ready for her next scheduled appointment and yet not rush the current one. I'm thrilled to know and be pampered by Ms Veola and wouldn't trade her services for the world! She's the best!"


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